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You've woken up the morning after, hungover, bleary eyed and very confused. "I remember going to the club, I definitely remember some bars, was there a house party ?, belch, oh my God what did I eat ?, " and then "Oh no, this is not my room"..........​  WhatAppened ? Well just open up the app WhatAppened and find out !


WhatAppened Last Night

Last Night



Battery Life, should I be concerned ?


WhatAppened uses GPS once to determine your initial location, after that it uses WiFi Hotspots and cell towers to determine your location. One of the beauties of the app is that it uses very little battery, you can check battery usage in the Apple "Settings" screen under "Battery".



You can view your locations in a list format with arrival times, departure times and how long you stayed in any particular locations for. You can also view your location as a point on the map or as a streetview location. You can can also view breadcrumb trails of your itinerary for the night.

What about my Privacy ?


Whatever is recorded on your phone stays on your phone, this is the only place it resides. The only way a recorded conversation can leave your phone is if you decide to message it to a friend. You are in complete control.

WhatAppened records conversations even while the App is in the background and in your pocket !


WhatAppened records conversations even while the App is in the background and in your pocket!

It does this in response to changes in location. For example, you enter Murphys Bar and settle in, a sound recording will be taken approximately 15 minutes later. Similarly, after you leave Murphy's another recording will be taken shortly thereafter. With this kind of randomness some very unique conversations are recorded !


How does it work ?


It's very simple. Open the app and press "Start Night" and then put the app in the background, put your phone in your pocket, bag or wherever and head out to enjoy your night. When you wish to end your night open the app and press "End Night". Thats it. WhatAppened will do the rest. 

WhatAppened will track where you've been and how long you stayed there, record random snippets of conversation and background ambient sound, and store any photos you take on your night out. Press the "WhatAppened" button to see WhatAppened. Favourite nights and soundbites can be saved for future reference. 

The app is free to download but if you wish to message a funny soundbite to your friends there is a one off in-app payment that will allow soundbites to be sent forever.


Other Stuff


The app works out of the box with no configuration required, however some settings can be changed. You can set WhatAppened to run for specific durations ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours, the app will notify you when the time period is up.  The length of audio recordings can also be adjusted to record soundbites of your preferred length, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes duration. Also pressing the Play button on the bread crumbs screen will "play" where your were on your night out.

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Locations List View


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